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La Spiga

Since 1991 artisanal production

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Biscotto Mediceo


Medicean biscuit



La Spiga Firenze

About us

The bakery and pastry focacceria "La Spiga" was born in Florence in September 1991, from an idea of Daniele Petruzzi and has perfected over the years in the diversified production of bread, flatbreads, breadsticks, friselle and so on, with particular attention. to the quality and genuineness of the products.

The strictly artisanal production boasts the use of the best flours on the market, natural yeasts, with a final product that is the most refined and inviting one can find on the market.


Medicean biscuit

The Medici Biscuit is an idea that comes from the experience in bakery and pastry, two parallel worlds that give life to a unique product of its kind.


The careful selection of raw materials is essential to obtain a biscuit of the highest quality: specially ground biscuit flour, dairy butter, grated lemon peel at the time of mixing, Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, very fine dark chocolate, raisins, semi-candied fruit , walnuts, almonds, salted peanuts, hazelnuts, all genuine ingredients without any preservatives.


Particular is the decoration composed of seeds, usually used in bread making.


Biscuits and seeds ... harmony of taste.

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